About Me

My Story

Life as a young boy for me was filled with adventure!

I grew up in rural Alabama and had all the things that fills a boy’s life with passion: four wheelers, go-carts, and of course my trusty B.B. gun and loyal black lab, Bear. I really had no idea that, like all of us, I was facing challenges that would cause me to question my identity and even my sanity at times. It has taken years to realize that life is not all about me!

It’s about the experiences I have and the people I meet.

Those people and experiences lead to doors that open to adventure. It amazes me that brief encounters and happenstance situations continue to follow me as I journey through life. Some of those inflicted wounds from which the scars still show up in my relationship with my wife and friends. Others left behind memories that I wouldn’t trade for gold. I learned that adventure is found at the extremes of life… the places of risk and danger.

Living a life with the Maker is the edge of the edge. We are closest to who He has created us to be when we are stepping through the doors or “what ifs” and “why nots” that He sets before. We find our hearts desire when we dive headlong into all that Life has to offer.

I am so glad I can journey through that life of adventure with fellow travelers… and that’s why I write.