A Life of True Adventure

A Heart for Adventure

Any observer of people would agree that one of humanities deepest longings is to be part of a story bigger than themselves.  It’ s a desire to be carried away by an adventure that has an ending where the hero wins and the enemy is defeated and the world lives happily ever after. That desire just sits deep in our hearts and nags at us when everything else is quiet.

Our spouses long for it. Our children create their own stories reaching for it. The people around us look for it. We try to build careers around it. And if we find ourselves at a loss for that story, what we have actually lost is our heart. Our heart that at it’s core, before the cares of life steal it away, is full of adventure. Watch the children around you!

And as I sat hanging off the side of that mountain after three earlier trips to the Alaskan Bush thinking that I had lived out that story and the rest of life was just a retelling of the adventures I had already experienced, I heard a voice speaking deep down inside me that whispered, “It is not over, it has only just begun.”

“People are not like numbers. They are more like letters. And letters want to become stories and stories are to be shared.” – Extremely Close Incredibly Loud the Movie

The Adventure is not over.

I’m here to tell you that  your adventure story is not over. You have not seen your best days. If you will welcome the adventure, count the cost and get out of your seat and take action, you will find the only life worth living, the life of adventure.

Adventure is about what we do; not about what we plan, not about what we strategize or dream about. Adventure begins with your own personal “What ifs and Why nots.”

Helen Keller, who faced more obstacles in her life than any of us reading this article can imagine, said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable…” Strength Undefeatable… Strength Undefeatable!

Adventure: High Risk – Great Reward

life of true adventureA couple years ago, we had a picture hanging in our living room that read: “It costs nothing to dream and everything not to.” I loved that picture. I would sit and stare at it for hours. And it cost me nothing to do so. One night I was sitting in my man-chair thinking about it when I decided that it was a half truth. It’s true it cost nothing to dream, just like me sitting in that La-Z-Boy daydreaming about dreaming. But when it’s time to get my butt off that recliner, it may very well cost me everything! If you pursue what you feel compelled to do with your life, it may cost everything.

And with all honesty, we have to make that choice between the payoff of a comfortable life where all is well and we live the same story everyone around us is living having the same  impact everyone else is having, or we can choose to pay the price of a life of true adventure where the risks are high, but the reward is great.

So it’s time to ask yourself on a deep level, What if….   Why not…. Do it now. Schedule time off and dig deep. Get out of your comfortable brown leather recliner and follow. Once you live a better story and step through the doorways of “what ifs” and “why nots,” you will never go back to the safety of a life void of adventure. I promise!

Husband. Father. Disciple of Jesus. Entrepreneur. My passion is to call people to embrace a vision, count the cost, overcome the obstacles, and chase their dreams.

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