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The Cost of Leaning Into Our Dreams

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The Cost of Leaning Into Our Dreams

The anticipation of the free-fall was almost more than I could bear.

I never was a huge fan of roller coasters.  As a child I was deathly afraid.  My friends would stand in line for hours, strap in for two and a half minutes, then chase each other to the end of the line wobbling back and forth like a candidate for an early morning DUI and then wait again.  My first experience on a roller coaster was not of my own free will.  I was tricked! 

It was an indoor roller coaster at Dollywood and I had no idea that near the end of the ride the bottom would drop out and we would be thrust into a death-defying descent into a bottomless pit (so it seemed). You know what I did,  I unstrapped myself and began a mad dash, chasing my friends to the end of the line just to wait again.    From that point forward, anytime I heard the “rachety-rachety-rachety” of the train climbing to the sky, my stomach tied itself in knots as it awaited the pending dive into breathlessness.  I hated being out of control.  But the thrill of the hill was worth the fear of not knowing.

And now I am riding another roller coaster.  One without … Continue reading

True Adventure is in Reckless Abandon

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True Adventure is in Reckless Abandon

Spoiler Alert: This is the last chapter of the book! (Wink and Smile)

True Adventure is in Reckless Abandon

What if… Why not? (the book) is filled with stories of how I deeply found God over 7 trips to Alaska. But the book is not about Alaska, and although the stories are mine, it is not about me. The book is about reckless abandon to all that God has for you! This is the last chapter. I share it because most will never read the book, but the message is paramount! Dive headlong into your “What ifs…”.


My first trip to Alaska was not the beginning of the stories; it was simply the gateway into the rest. I cannot even begin to explain how that first journey has affected every aspect of my life since we set out in the ARK02 with the three gypsies. I moved to Florida, finished Bible college, helped plant a church in Colorado, chose my wife, tweaked my life goals, developed a philosophy of … Continue reading

Full Potential and Vision Gap

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Full Potential and Vision Gap

Pursuing and achieving your “What ifs” is one of the biggest challenges on life’s journey. It is the greatest barrier to reaching your full potential., which we reach by putting one foot in front of the other for a very long time. When pursuing your “What ifs” it feels like you are up against an army of obstacles and discouragement. And I’ll be the first to say you probably are. I bet it feels like you come up to an impassible embankment with a huge canyon in front of you with no hope of getting to the other side. Yep, that’s how I feel sometimes.

I call this barrier to crossing into your “What ifs” the Vision Gap.

The Problem: Bridging the Gap

The Vision Gap is a river without a bridge to those of us who peer into our preferred future. Those who are visionary often struggle to realize that the best food is cooked in the oven, not the microwave. In other words, the best result often requires the most patience. When we intentionally attempt to peer into our best future, we wake up to a reality that we are not living it today. That can be a discouraging reality for the impatient, particularly those of us driven to reach maximum potential. Unfortunately, the bigger the dream, the wider the gap.

The Solution: Build a bridge over the Vision Gap.

I found a short video on Youtube that shares simple steps for bridge building. Here are the steps with practical application to overcoming the Vision Gap.

1.) Measure the Distance Between Starting Point and Destination and Plant Support Platforms on Each Side of Water.

In our vision gap bridge building concept, that would represent a clear and honest assessment of where we currently are and what it will look like when we reach the other side of our vision. This could include … Continue reading

Counting the Cost and Pressing On

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Counting the Cost and Pressing On

Do you understand the Cost of Following Your Dreams?

garths on tour cost of following your dreamsI remember the first time Dave Garth told me that someday he would ride his bike around the world. I thought he was crazy. And I doubted that it would ever happen (sorry Dave). I remember the subsequent courting stage of his relationship with his future bride. Whether she would be willing to take the journey with him was paramount in the process. … Continue reading

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“It Vas God’s Vay”

Our faith community meets in our furniture store.

There’s some advantages and disadvantages to that, but my favorite advantage is that it is undercover.

We have a loose schedule of events and a skeleton time frame that hardly ever gets heeded, but it’s us.

Sometimes things go as scheduled and sometimes they don’t.  Tonight they didn’t!

Julie M. was in charge of bringing our meal.  As she walked in, Dave and Bethany soon followed… well, Bethany soon followed.  Dave was nowhere to be found.  Julie B. came in and said that there were some people in a van outside and that Dave was helping them.  A few minutes later Dave walked in with a van load of people.  He began to introduce them to everyone else in the room and proceeded to show them where the food was.  It kept going through my head involuntarily… “I hope we have enough food.  Maybe I should put some of mine back.”

Well, we had enough food.

Turns out God had plans for our time together of which we knew nothing.

There were 4 young people and a mother and father.  The father had a stroke some time ago and couldn’t speak, so he wrote most of what he tried to say.  The mother spoke relatively plain English and was obviously the dominant figure in the family.

We fed them and got to know them.   I then wrestled with the decision to go on with our worship time or to sit and wait for their ride to arrive.  I did a little of both and eventually we ended up in the meeting room singing songs with the two youngest sons, the mother and the father. The man was in and out and the mother was obviously determined to stay for the entire meeting.

Earlier, while we were still eating, I had been curious what they were thinking.  Then the mother said something like “I knew it vas God’s Vay”.  Throughout the remainder of dinner, worship time and into our corporate prayer time, it became obvious that God, through the person of the Holy Spirit, was working on her heart.

She kept using the phrase, “It’s God’s Vay, I knew it vas God’s Vay”.  She was right… it WAS God’s way!

She told us that earlier in the afternoon the family was struggling.  There were arguments and misunderstandings.  She couldn’t take it any longer, so she asked everyone to load up in the van and just get out of the house.  On their way to Bed, Bath and Beyond the police stopped them and gave them a speeding ticket.  After they left the store, as they were turning at the red light in front of our store, their loaded mini-van broke down.  They were standing just outside the store in frustration and confusion when Dave found them.

It was a beautiful moment when she said, “I knew it!  Our problems no longer matter… the ticket… the van… it no longer matters… it vas God’s vay!”  She proceeded to tell us how she had been longing for a Christian group to meet with.  She’d been hoping someone would invite her to a Christian church.  She said she had lots of Muslim and Hindu friends, but no Christians.

We prayed for her husband and asked God to heal his physical struggles.

Next week we are having our worship gathering at their house.  She is going to cook authentic Indian food for all of us!

May our program and schedule never be so important that we would dare turn down her offer.  God help us!

Isn’t the church a beautiful bride… even undercover.

“A church which pitches its tents without constantly looking out for new horizons, which does not continually strike camp, is being untrue to its calilng.  …[We must] play down our longing for certainty, accept what is risky, and live by improvisation and experiment.”   -Hans Kung in The Church as teh People of God

“After a time of decay comes the turning point.  The powerful light that has been banished returns.  There is movement, but it is not brought about by force… The movement is natural, arising spontaneously.  The old is discarded and the new is introduced.  Both measures accord with the time; therefore no harm results.”       -Ancient Chinese Saying

(both quotes come from the introduction to The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch)

…and the LORD added to their number daily those who were being saved.”   -Acts 2:47b