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Spiritual Insecurity and the Father’s Love – Less Like a Critic

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Spiritual Insecurity and the Father’s Love – Less Like a Critic

I came across this 9-year-old article this morning and was reminded how much God cares for me. Maybe it will be a reminder to you as well! Understanding his fatherly affection for us is key to overcoming spiritual insecurity and self-abuse.

Daniel is 10 now and he walks JUST FINE!

Thirteen months is a magical age!

I’m sure you parents remember it well. Our thirteen month old is babbling! Ironically, in his mind it is a conversation deep as the Mariana. It has meaning and emotion and everything else that constitutes communication. The only thing lacking is the listeners comprehension!

And then there’s the feeble attempt at walking. Our little boy is taking a different approach. I’m not really sure how to explain it, but he walks backwards. Not that he is moving in the wrong direction, but that he is very intentional about picking his feet up as opposed to placing them back on the floor. If you could put an accent mark on his gait, it would be on the upward ascent and not the downward thrust. Maybe our child is immune to gravity, but chances are he’s just experimenting and learning the hard way. As his feet thrust upward they also spread apart. This translates into quite a display of toddling.

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Lime Green Balloon

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Lime Green Balloon

Parenting with GodToday was a day full of fun with my two oldest!

Grace is 7 and Gabe is 4. Daniel is 2, but today he was sick, so he stayed home with mom.

That left Grace, Gabe and me to spend the day together.

The plan? A birthday party and a church event.

The birthday party was a blast! Monkey Park is a favorite kids destination and party venue in our town.

When we arrived, we made our way to Pavilion #1 where the party was underway. Turns out there were two parties in Pavilion #1. The mom from Party B had reserved the pavilion and arrived after Party A was already set up. Party B’s party leader graciously allowed Party A to use the left side of the pavilion while they partied it up on the right side.

Turns out Party B had the coolest balloons. Lime green with party hats and streamers drawn in white and a big “Happy Birthday” printed in a really cool font. Not only were they cool party balloons, but they were cool party balloons filled with helium!

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